About Me

Who Am I?

While I don’t intend to focus on myself in this blog, I personally like to know a bit about the bloggers of the blogs I read, so I will give you a little information.
First, I am a Christian, and God giving me a nudge is what drove me to start this blog for real.
Second, I am a Conservative American Citizen. I love the USA, and I love my freedom. I have a copy of the Constitution on my computer in a Word document so I can search the text for specific things without re-reading the whole thing.
Third, I believe what I believe and I am incredibly stubborn about it. I try to research things I’m not sure about, and things I am sure about, extensively before I make any decisions, and then I stick to that decision. Notice I said “try”. That’s not always the case, and every once in a while something will come to light where I think, “I believe that…but why?” and then it’ll bug me until I look it up.
I read blogs and books written by opponents of my beliefs. Yes, I am a bit weird. (For example, I read an extremely pro-abortion blog and frequently go to the Planned Parenthood Facebook page.) This is a way for me to find arguments against what I believe, and see if I have an answer. And if I don’t, I find one.
I enjoy piano, and music in general, and I wish I had the time and resources for dance and theater and other creative-arts-related things. I’m a music fanatic and love at least parts of most styles – Beethoven, country, Celtic, rock, a tiny bit of rap, soundtracks, bubblegum (yes, this style does exist).
 I draw as a hobby, and I have written three novels and co-written one (Thanks to OYAN). (Not great works of fiction or anything, especially the first, but I must say I’m fairly proud of the second and third, and the co-written one needs an embarrassing amount of editing (not the fault of the co-author)…) I love Shakespeare and my favorite play at the moment is A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which I have read several times, (I haven’t in a while. I ought to do that again…) though Richard III is absolutely amazing. I am obsessed with tornados and love science.
I love TeenPact and I owe my interest in politics to them.
My favorite abortion information site is Abort73.
I have lived in Kansas all my life, but I will recently moved to North Carolina. I am trying to find a good NC pro-life newsletter or email alert, but haven't been successful so far. If you know of one, please let me know! My email is grace.prolife@gmail.com
I do not know what God wants me to do, and I do not know what I want to be. As you can see from above, I have a multitude of interests. I want to change the world, but I don’t know how. Possibilities include: worker in a pro-life organization, vet, doctor, tornado chaser, and a politician.