It’s Me or the Blog

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog off and on for a few years. I wanted to do it because I thought it’d be fun – hey, a place where I get to write about my life and whatever I want, how cool is that?
Wrong attitude.
The main reason I haven’t is because I’ve been afraid of not continuing; that I’d become one of those annoying bloggers who only post once every three months, and then the post is just a quick update about life, always starting with, “Hey, I haven’t done this in a while! I really ought to get back into it,” and then they don’t.
Wrong attitude again.
When I was younger, I tried frequently to keep a diary. It would go fine for a week or so, maybe more, and then it’d slowly taper off and I’d give up. Then I’d start again several months later, it’d go fine for a week or so, maybe more, and then it’d slowly taper off and I’d give up. I’d try again, and it’d go fine for a week or so, maybe more, and then it’d slowly taper off and I’d give up.
What is this Blog For?
One of my reasons for starting this blog is a bit selfish. I read other blogs or news stories and think, “There are so many things wrong with that!” and I want to somehow tell everybody who read the same article what the truth is. Naturally, I think I’m right, and I think lots of other people are wrong. This is a place where I can sort out my thoughts and throw my ideas out there, so maybe a few people who read the lying article can see the truth. But if that’s my only motivation, it’ll fail just like all my two-week-diaries. Which brings me to reason number two. (Or one, rather, in level of importance.)
This blog is for you, the reader. You don’t have to agree with everything I say. However, I hope that you can use this blog to become informed about issues or different aspects of issues that you may not have considered much before, as well as stay updated on various events.
What is this blog about?
Not me. This blog isn’t about my life. Naturally, I will probably mention what is going on in my life or experiences from my life, but that isn’t going to be the point. (Too much like my many failed diaries. It’d go downhill waaay fast if I just talked about my life.)
I will be focusing mostly about the abortion debate, because that’s where my heart is, that’s the topic I’m working on knowing backwards and forwards and inside-out. However, politics is tied deeply into the abortion issue, and politics is also a great interest of mine, so there will be posts on that. Sometimes it will be about abortion-related things (bills being debated, petitions to sign, whether candidates for such-and-such are pro-life and how pro-life they are, etc.), and sometimes it will be about things not directly related to abortion (the upcoming Presidential race, for example). Politics posts will be both on the federal level and the state level – though the state level may get a little messy, since I’m moving across the country. I may end up doing posts both on Kansas and North Carolina! Lastly, I may post a bit about spiritual things.
Thank you for checking out this blog. God bless!