They're All Devils

Anti-lifers are horrible, baby-hating people. Uncaring and unfeeling, they’re only bent on squeezing as much money from murdering babies as possible. They lie through their teeth to trick women into letting their “doctors” butcher children in an extremely dangerous, horrendous procedure, yet claiming that it is safer than carrying to term. All their staff are cold to their clients. Their exam rooms are filthy, stained with blood and littered with unwashed tools. They rush through the abortions, botching many of them and harming the women they claim to protect, just for the sake as getting as many abortions done as possible and raking in as much blood money as they can. They have conned the American people into giving them millions of dollars to continue in this ghastly practice, ruining the economy and murdering children.

I hope you didn’t agree with what you just read. I’ve read many things to this degree, though few are as extreme. What’s wrong with the above paragraph?
It generalizes. 

The truth is, pro-abortioners aren’t devils. Most of them aren’t just after blood money. Many of them truly care about women and are passionate about their work. They truly think what they’re doing is right and good. My guess is that there are a generous supply of Abby Johnsons out there. (Abby Johnson was a Christian Planned Parenthood director for eight years, now a pro-life advocate. She truly believed what she was doing was right.) Remember that pro-abortion blog I read? Well, take a look at this following paragraph:
Anti-choicers are horrible, freedom-hating people. Uncaring and unfeeling, they actually think FETUSES, a tumor growing inside a women, is more important than the woman bearing it. They deceive women into thinking these parasites are actually babies, or else they intimidate and harass them by saying they’ll go to hell for their CHOICE of a LEGAL and SAFE procedure—a procedure that’s safer than pregnancy itself! They’re so bent on illegalizing abortion and reducing women to baby incubators. They don’t want abortion, yet they don’t want BIRTH CONTROL either! They can only see the fetus. They don’t see the real, living, breathing, hurting woman in front of them. ARE THEY BLIND?? They want to save the fetus, but the won’t help the woman! They don’t even care about the fetus once it’s born! They don’t care about life: they only care about devolving our society by restricting the most basic human right: the right to control our own bodies and reproduction!!
(Would you believe me if I told you that it was actually easier (as in thinking of what to say) for me to write that paragraph, reducing people like me to scum, than writing the first paragraph, reducing people like them to scum? I’m not sure what this means…)
Did that paragraph surprise you? I see it all the time in the pro-abortion literature I read (mainly in the pro-abortion blog—minus the passionate cursing). They truly think we’re blind, uncaring individuals. There are soo many things wrong with that paragraph, but I won’t get into them, because I’m sure you can see what they are.
I wrote that paragraph based on what I'd read (I promise, it's true-to-life). Here's something that, to my knowledge, was actually made by somebody pro-abortion. Take a look at the following cartoon:

Did that make you angry? It makes me angry every time. It generalizes. Generalization is rampant on both sides because it makes the enemy sound horrid, and consequently makes your side sound angelic.
Here’s another glance into the pro-abortion mind: they do their jobs at the risk of their lives. They’re afraid for their lives and the lives of their doctors. They’re afraid of anti-choice extremists. I knew that it would be worrying to them, but I hadn’t imagined the extent to which they would mention it.
There are always exceptions to the rules, of course. They have their Gosnells and we have our Roeders. That’s what lets us write our generalizations and get away with it. Because those people do exist. But not all are like that.
Now, the pro-abortion people could very well be exaggerating their fear of being attacked by pro-life extremists so they can victimize themselves. They could very well be simply lying about how much they care about women. And I’m sure many of them do. But many of them do not.
This is frustrating to no end. It is so much easier to defeat the “enemy” in our own minds if we can just see them as Satanists. But they aren’t Satanists. They’re real people, and they’re all created by God. (Not to gloss over the barbaric “safe and legal” procedure of abortion. It’s evil. Complete evil. There’s no other way to describe it.)
My point to all of this is that we cannot  and should not view them all like this. I admit it: I have a hard time loving this type of enemy. To be honest, I used to hate them. I pray for them, along with the women and their babies. God can give us the love, though. God can give us His love for them. He does love the abortionist doctors. I don’t really love them now, but I no longer hate them. I hate what they do. Not them.
God, please give us Your love.
Devil image found via Google Images. Cartoon from here.

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