Those Darn Antis

I read pro-abortion blogs. Yes, I am a bit weird. I do it for two reasons. One, it keeps me motivated to fight against death. Two, it helps me see how these people view the world and why they believe what they do, and how, if I ever came up against them and they presented me with an argument, I would be able to answer it. In short, it helps me practice my debating skills. However, I have noticed an interesting phenomenon in this blog. Before I tell you what it is, perhaps I should describe the blog.
It’s made up of a group of very pro-abortion people. This blog is a place for them to rant, talk, cheer, thank, mull, and other related things. This is a place for them to get their thoughts out and share it with other pro-abortioners. I would have commented on many of their posts, except they explicitly asked that the other side stayed away. That this wasn’t a place for debate. Okay, I can respect that. So I’m a ghost reader. So, they aren’t necessarily trying to be professional or anything like that.
Now here’s the interesting thing: they love to rant about “antis”. The pro-life people. “Anti” has become some sort of curse word on this blog. It is quite interesting. Not because they rant about us—ranting is fine on occasion—but because they do it so much. I do not jest or exaggerate when I say it is virtually every other post they add some sort of bitter quip against the “antis”, that is virtually every page of posts that there is at least one post dedicated to the cussing out of “antis”. I was reading one of these vehement spewing the other day growing extremely angry. They call the antis stupid, ignorant, hateful, and seemed to view pro-lifers as bad—or worse--as minions of the devil.* Then the reality hit me and I began to laugh out loud.
If antis are so stupid and irrelevant, why do they hate them so much? Why do they feel the need to cuss them out constantly, to always put them down?
Unless antis make them uncomfortable.
I understand complaining about mosquitoes when you get bitten. However, if you’re complaining every day about being bitten by mosquitoes, you have a mosquito problem.
I drew the conclusion that the pro-abortion complaining was a good thing. Antis aggravate them to the point where they spew out hatred in blog posts every single week. And yes, it made me laugh. Sometimes as an anti I feel discouraged. The pro-abortioners seem so indifferent to me and my fellow antis and sometimes it seems like we aren’t changing a thing.
But if they hate us so much, we’re making an impact.
If nobody in the world hates you for what you believe, you may need to reconsider how you’re living your life. 
Of course, you shouldn’t go out of your way to make somebody hate you. You just have to be a strong advocate for what is right, not back down even when your view is unpopular, and eventually somebody will hate you.
Does somebody hate you for what you believe?

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