Going On Hold


I'm terribly sorry, blogging-world, but I just can't cope right now. My computer problems don't seem to be going away...they're only multiplying. I simply don't have the time/resources to do everything I'm used to doing, and my schoolwork comes first. I am NOT stopping forever...and I hope I can get back up in the next few weeks. This stall saddens me. In the past three months I have grown to love blogging, and I'm getting anxiety attacks over the idea of stopping, because there are so many subjects I want to blog about and I feel like I'll get behind, especially with the "news" type posts I do every once in a while. Sigh. Again, I'm really, really sorry. Instead, I suggest scrolling down to my handy little "blog list" thing I added a while back and reading some of those instead if you want to stay updated. I recommend them all (obviously) but Live Action and Life News especially.

Cyber-world, YOU HAVE NOT DEFEATED ME!! I SHALL RETURN! (I really loath computers sometimes...)

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