This Is My Happy Face

Now that you are somewhat freaked out by my creepy hypnotic happy face, I shall explain. Basically, MY COMPUTER IS NOW BACK IN SUPERB WORKING ORDER!!

Excuse me while I do my happy dance.

In case it wasn't clear before, the problem on my computer was slowing my internet waaaayyy down. To where it could take several minutes to load a page. Yeah. Not good. I have to do a lot of research for the vast majority of my posts, and most of my research is done online. I also am taking two online classes this school year. And, sadly, blogging is not at the top of my priority list. But now my internet is nice and speedy (I'll open new windows just for the satisfaction of watching them load in mere seconds), which means...I can go back to blogging!

Not right away, unfortunately. 'Cause guess what? My family and I just moved out of our Kansas house yesterday! (Yay!) And we can't move into our new North Carolina house quite yet. And once we do move in, it'll be chaos for the few days afterward with trying to figure out where to put everything and finding missing can openers, pillows, and schoolbooks. But the end is now in sight! Just give me a few more weeks and I'll come roaring back in! I may do a few posts between now and then; it depends on what I can squeeze out time for.

Thank you for hanging on and waiting for me!

To tide you over until then, here's some recent news:

PepsiCo is using aborted fetal cell lines in their research for their beverages. In response to complaints from pro-life groups, PepsiCo responded that using these cell lines would result in "great tasting, lower-calorie beverages." Really?! If I regularly drank/bought Pepsi, I would boycott it. As it is, I'm asking all of you Pepsi drinkers to do my boycotting for me!

And by the way, I'm now subscribed to this amazing site. It sends me an email every day with the headlines (and the text of the articles itself, if you format it that way) of the day's pro-life news. It's great and very convenient.

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