Put simply, being pro-choice means you want people to be able to choose. I live in the US. I am extremely pro-choice. Pro-choice is the same as pro-freedom. That’s one reason I don’t call pro-abortion people pro-choice. That gives the wrong implications, as if I’m anti-choice, which I’m not. But for this post, whenever I say pro-choice, I mean pro-ability-to-choose-abortion.

The funny thing is, most pro-abortioners aren’t really pro-choice. The evidence of this is everywhere. They complain about the pro-abortion label, saying “nobody’s pro-abortion”. (Wait, so does this mean they’re admitting abortion is wrong? That it isn’t ever the best choice, people should just be allowed to choose this unwise choice?)  I, on the other hand, am fine with the label “anti-abortion”. It doesn’t bug me in the slightest to be called that. I am anti-abortion. However, I use the label “pro-life” on myself, because it tells why I’m anti-abortion…because I want to save life. Otherwise, I could very well be anti-abortion because I’m anti-women (which would be odd, since I’m female myself, but who knows), anti-non-Christians, anti-poor-people, anti-reproductive-health-rights-that-don’t-agree-with-my-own-political-agenda.

Pro-abortion people are pro-abortion, not pro-choice. Sure, they believe they’re pro-choice, they truly do. But they aren’t. They truly care about women. They really do.  But they’ve convinced themselves that abortion is the only best choice for anybody with financial troubles, boyfriend troubles, husband troubles, kid troubles, health troubles, school troubles…the list goes on and on. They complain, sue, and lobby against things that might—just might—decrease their abortion sales.

For example.

“Choose Life” license plates. (The opposite view would not be “Respect Choice”, like pro-abortioners say, because this license plate doesn’t say a thing against choice. It’s just advocating the choice it thinks is best—like pro-abortion people do and pretend to not do.)

Safety regulations normal for other healthclinics/hospitals/etc. (The list here could be ENORMOUS (quite frankly, it’s ridiculous), but I’ve only included a few fairly recent examples.)

Regulations that require abortion clinics to give, um, health facts about abortionboth about the baby and the women. Like…duh? Aren’t people supposed to do that before any medical procedure anyway?

Crisis Pregnancy Centers. It’s amazing how much pro-abortioners complain about CPCs. They will scream (usually not literally) out at protestors, “Why don’t you stop protesting and go do something USEFUL—like actually HELPING these women!!” And then they go scream (not literally) out atCPCs to stop “lying” to women, who are doing exactly what they just screamed at the protestors to go do. Bit of a contradiction, don’t you think? Contrary to popular pro-abortion beliefs, most CPCs aren’t lying. They’re giving the women facts that the abortion clinics won’t. Like all the health risks. Mental health risks. Drug abuse statistics. Suicide statistics. Infertility statistics. Fetus development. Pictures. Ultrasounds. In some cases, lawsuitsby women against local abortion clinics for damages done by abortion.

Covering up a pro-life speaker with chants, instead of engaging in conversation with him, so any woman listening would be informed of both sides, and therefore be equipped to make a truly informed choice.

The multitudes of examples prove that most (if not all) pro-abortion people really are not pro-choice. If they were, they would let the woman make an informed choice. But no. They only allow women to see pro-abortion propaganda, and not show the women the other side of the story—whether or not they think it is true.

One more fact to think about: why do you suppose reproductive health clinics always do many more abortions than adoption referrals?

Sounds like pro-only-one-choice to me.

Disclaimer: I am generalizing in this post. There are exceptions to every rule. I have found that most “pro-choice” people aren’t really pro-choice, and that’s why I referred to them as one body of people. Also, there probably are deceptive CPCs out there (stretching the truth, giving theories as a solid fact, etc.). Etc.
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