It's a phenomenon sweeping the internet world and the abortion debate.

180 is a short half-hour movie documenting Ray Comfort as he talks to people on the street. He starts off asking if they knew who Hitler is, and talking about the Holocaust. He asks them tough questions. For example, paraphrasing: "If the Nazis gave you a rifle and told you to shoot dying Jews, and if you didn't they would kill you with the Jews, would you do it?"

He gets them to re-examine their beliefs, and consider right and wrong in the world. Then he gives them something else.


It's amazing some of the reactions and conversations he has.

The title "180" signifies a "180" turn. Turning around 180 degrees.

He speaks to them and they change their minds.

He talks to them for a few minutes and pro-choice people change their minds about abortion.

This is a movie every person needs to watch, pro-choice or pro-life.

Ray also gets into something else. Morality often comes up in these conversations. What happens after you die? Do you think you're a good person? Do you think there's a Heaven? Do you think you'll go there?

His questions and simple statements also bring amazing reactions from these people.

The reactions from people watching the movie are amazing as well. Look in the comments on YouTube and you see plenty of people slamming 180 and cussing it out, and you also see people amazed at how their views have just been switched. The folks at LivingWaters have received thousands of emails about how someone, or someone's friend, or someone who just witnessed on the street and used 180, have changed their minds. This is amazing, and an incredible tool. Do not miss it.

If you want to help spread the word about 180, please read this.

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