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It's no secret that I do my best not to make assumptions. It can be pretty embarassing if you're proven false. What's worse, you can spread false rumors. I may not post about a topic flying around larger, more prominent pro-life blogs if I see a good indicator that it may not be completely true. So here I am, deciding to make a significant claim:

Planned Parenthood is not pro-choice.

I'm not saying that all of the people working at PP aren't pro-choice. But as a whole, PP is not pro-choice. It's pro-abortion, anti-family, possibly racist, and pro-profit. I'm even having a hard time believeing that the PP "biggies", like Cecile Richards, blindly believe themselves to be pro-choice.

Some stories have begun coming out about PP experiences that were very much non-pro-choice.

"Addison's" story:
“Do you want to have an abortion if you’re pregnant?” When Addison told her no, the woman said:  
“Well, you are only seventeen. You really need to make sure you’re ready for parenting and consider abortion."
But Addison was opposed to abortion, and it had ever even occurred to her to consider abortion.

When they called later to confirm she was pregnant, they said, “We know you said you didn't want an abortion in your visit today, but we wanted to make sure that is still the case?"

“I said I did not want an abortion and hung up.” Addison says. But she called back for help. "The same day I called them and told them that I had a blood test and it confirmed pregnancy, and I needed to see if I could see a doctor about prenatal care and what I could and couldn't do, and what would keep the baby healthy. They then told me that unless I had a sexually transmitted disease or wanted an abortion that they could no longer help me. I said so y'all do not help pregnant women? They told me no that they didn't have doctors for pregnant women."

Alisha's story:
[T]he nurse asked her if she wanted to keep “it” if she was pregnant. When Alisha insisted she did, the nurse pushed:
We Can Do It?
“You can be honest with me, are being forced to keep it against your will?” I said, “Absolutely not. I wasn’t expecting to get pregnant so quickly, but if I am pregnant I want to keep my baby” and again she asked “So your husband or mom are not forcing you to keep it if you are?” I said, more aggressively and upset, “NO!”
Alisha notes:
When she was asking me if I was forced to keep the baby she looked like she was reading from a script. I remember her saying that if I kept ” it,” it would be very expensive and life changing. She was poking at the fact that I didn’t seem like I could afford to have a baby. She also asked if I was scared to say that I wanted an abortion, and that if I had any questions I could talk to someone that can ease my nerves. She never really said baby she said “it” a lot. She also mentioned that if I was pregnant depending how far a long I was that there might not even be a heartbeat.
Go here for even more stories.

Have you noticed that women are smart enough to make their own choices UNLESS they decide to keep their baby? How interesting. If an organization only supports pregnant women wanting abortions and then dumps them if the women want to keep their babies, they don't support planned parenthood: they support termination of unplanned parenthood. Guess what? Termination of unplanned parenthood is where the money is.

It doesn't end there. In 1969, the government asked Planned Parenthood for suggestions on how to deal with overpopulation (which, by the way, does not exist). Well, they gave it. Here is the memo in its entirety. Please read it. It is one page long. It will not be boring. Why? Because it is SCARY. Not because Planned Parenthood suggested these things. But because these things are happening. These things are becoming everyday life. Their suggestions include both economic changes and changes to our society as a whole. For example: "encourage women to work", "abortion and contraception on demand", and "tax married more than single". And guess what comes next: "compulsory sterilization of all who have two children except for a few who would be allowed to have three".

Oh great. I don't want to live in China.2, Planned Parenthood, thank you very much.

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