Sometimes God Opens Doors...

...and sometimes He picks you up and tosses you through the door almost before it's open.

I got wind of the "Stand Up for Religious Freedom" movement yesterday. Rallies protesting the HHS mandate are going to be held in cities across the nation on March 23. I looked at the locations on the website and discovered the one nearest me would be held an hour and a half away.


I emailed the link to my mom anyway. She answered back this morning with, "Why don't you organize one for [my city]? Do Hard Things."

Well then. Okay. I sent a tentative email to the people in charge asking what organizing a rally would take, as I've never had any experience in that area. They emailed me back quickly, informing me that another lady had just emailed them asking the same thing, for the same city!

Coincidence? I prefer to think of it as Divine Intervention.

Thankfully, this woman has more experience than I do. Long story short, we now have a permit, a flyer, a Facebook page, and I've sent recruiting emails to approximately a billion people (okay, not really. But to every acquaintence/homeschooler I have so far in NC...which is actually quite a few). As if that wasn't exciting enough, she told me about a pro-life student group on Facebook for my area. YES. I have been starved for such a group! Since moving from Kansas, I'd lost all of the connections I had with pro-life people. But even in Kansas I didn't have an activist student group.

When did I find out about this movement? Yesterday.

Today, I am the youth coordinator (un-officially/according to myself :)) co-organizer (officially) of a genuine protest rally for my city as part of a national movement. And a member of a pro-life student activist group.


You know, I kinda wish God'd throw me through open doors a little more often.

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