Drowning in a Sea of Statistics

I’ve been gathering information for a post. I fact-gathered yesterday, and thought that I’d get up early this morning, finish putting it together, and then have it all written up and laid out in easy-to-read format for you sometime today.
Ha. Ha. Ha.
I consistently underestimate how much time it takes to put together fact-filled posts. Not because the information is too hard to find, but because it’s much too easy to find way too much of it…and to have all the “facts” contradict each other, proving that most of them aren’t facts at all. I currently have twenty-six internet pages up relating to this upcoming post (Yes, it will get here. Eventually.) and many of them are contradictory. For one simple reason.
Some pages are pro-abortion.
Some pages are pro-life.
Both sides like to manipulate information in their favor. We both believe we’re right, so it can’t hurt to exaggerate the truth if it will help people see the light, right?
Abortion is an extremely complicated issue with about a thousand different angles. The premise is simple: children are being murdered. This should be obvious. Stop child-murder right? To most people, however, this isn’t obvious.
Most of my research is done through Google. I try to find sources that aren’t officially pro-life or pro-abortion, because then there is more pressure to be “neutral”, and therefore probably give the most accurate view. Just the facts, please, ma’am. But it’s impossible to find all of the facts I need from neutral, professional websites. When I look at an obviously biased view (I say obviously. We’re all biased.) I then try to look at what the person’s sources are…most of which aren’t online. Theoretically, I could get my hands on every single book and scientific paper referenced (with hopefully original research) and look at the exact page and sentence, then I truthfully say, “Yep, this is, without a doubt, true.” But I need not elaborate how time-consuming and complicated that would be. Eventually, you have to trust some source, somewhere.
I wish the universe had a reset button. No, not like Noah’s Flood. I mean a truth-and-lies reset button. Where every scrap of information would be erased and we could all start from scratch…or better yet, only the lies would be erased, and then everybody could see what the truth it. Again, unrealistic.
I start questioning why I’m even trying. Why start up yet another blog? It’s like there are two huge orchestras playing two extremely different songs, and then several other mini-orchestras playing variations of one of the two songs, and then there’s…me. With my little penny whistle. Or, more realistically, with my puckered-lips whistle. Which is pitiful. And most of the time doesn’t make any sound.
I’ve Googled my own name and blog, just curious to see what would come up.
I’ve gone twenty pages back in Google and it’s nowhere to be seen.
The only time it’s come up at all is when I Googled the web address itself.
So why am I even trying?
And then I close my eyes and remind myself what’s important. I know what the truth is.
Abortion is wrong.
Dead wrong.
And no statistic can change that.
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  1. Keep going, sis. You're only three months in. I've been blogging for over a year and am just starting to pick up some modest pageviews (most of which are probably OYANers).

    This is important and it matters to you. I doubt any of it will go to waste, even if your following remains small.


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