Polls, Lists, and the Ultimate Argument (please read!)

I wanted to give you this short post so you could know what it is I’m planning for future posts.
First of all, after the somewhat explosive Ames Presidential Debate last Thursday, I want to compile a GOP candidate list that would summarize what each candidate believes about the big issues of today. I’ll be compiling this list for my own benefit anyway—I won’t be old enough to actually vote in 2012, but I have a somewhat rabid obsession with knowing who is right and/or why I believe what I believe, and this list will help me get the pros and cons of each candidate down on paper—so if you would like me to post this list (or not), please vote in the poll.
Also, I semi-recently ran across what I’ve been calling in my own mind “The Ultimate Pro-Abortion  Argument”. I call it ultimate because the woman who wrote this essay accepted the pro-life argument premise that the fetus is a person…and still made an extremely convincing argument for abortion. Hard to believe? Well, yes. But take it from me, it’s downright scary how convincing she makes abortion. I read it once, was astonished, and then read parts of it again…and that’s when the hidden fallacies began to emerge. Once again, I’ll be dissecting this essay for my own benefit anyway, but I would like to post it, because if you can shoot down this lie for abortion, you can shoot down any lie. The only downside is that the essay is 8500 words long, so it would take multiple posts to get through it, since I would be adding my own “dissection” words to that. I won’t lie. It’ll take serious commitment (for you and me both!) to actually wade all the way through it. (Of course, you’d be free to stop reading it whenever you like.) (It wouldn’t be just this dissection as blog posts for weeks. I would still post “normal” posts, these will just be mixed in.)
So basically, this is a post asking you to vote in the polls so I can see how I can best serve you as the blog-readers. (I like multi-tasking…if I can serve you while serving myself, so much the better.)
Thanks for reading and participating in the polls!

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