To Punish?

Something that has been on my mind lately is where the responsibility of the abortion lies. In the mother, for instigating it? In the abortionist for actually doing it? In the abortion advocates for deceiving the mother?
Pro-abortioners like to make fun of pro-lifers for enthusiastically saying that abortion should be illegal and then fumbling around with no real answer to the next question: should women who get abortions be punished?
Now, if abortion was made illegal tomorrow, should the women who had abortions today be punished? No, of course not. That’s not fair, and is actually unconstitutional. (“No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto [translates to “after the fact”] Law shall be passed.” Article 1, Section 9, paragraph 3.) (This isn’t to say the woman isn’t guilty. She is. Just not in the eyes of the law.)
But in the hypothetical situation of abortion being illegal, the answer is yes. They should. Is the woman a victim of propaganda and lies and sometimes a victim of pressure and threats? Yes, she is. But the last decision is up to her, unless she’s being physically forced. Just because somebody was threatening to kick you out of the house unless you kill, say, your hateful brother, doesn’t make killing your brother okay. If abortion is made illegal (except in cases of the mother’s life being at stake, or perhaps severe (emphasis on “severe”) physical harm), then the woman obtaining the abortion would be fully knowledgeable that having an abortion is against the law, and against the law because an abortion is murder.
The abortionist is also guilty, obviously, sometimes maybe even more than the mother. The doctor doesn’t instigate abortions. However, he is willing to do it. Paid assassins don’t get off the hook by protesting, “but somebody else told me to do it!” What’s more, the abortionist knows exactly what they’re doing. They can’t hide behind “those pictures are faked” and “fetuses feeling pain at any less than 22 weeks is propaganda” because they’re living with it whenever they do an abortion. They can’t not know what a six-week-old baby looks like, unless they do abortions with their eyes closed. And let me assure you, an abortion doesn’t look like a blood clot.
What about abortion advocates? Yes, they’re guilty too. Obviously, in the hypothetical case of abortion being illegal, they’d be harder to catch and convict. Somebody referring somebody else to the drug dealer is harder to find than the drug dealer herself. Somebody helping plan the assassination is harder to find than the assassin himself.
In short, if abortion were illegal, it would have to be handled just like any other murder case. It doesn’t make any difference that the victim is a baby instead of a public official or rape victim. I’m not saying all women should get the exact same sentence. There’s a reason we have different classifications of murder: first-degree, second-degree, third-degree, manslaughter. They (meaning the woman, the abortionist, the nurses, the secretary, and anyone else involved) would have to be convicted separately of any other case and individually from each other, but they would still need to be convicted.

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  1. I can send it to you, sure! But... I warn you, it is the worst novel I've written, so... you might want to think twice. >_O If you still wanna read it, I'll send it, but be warned.

    *Really* good post, by the way. You make good points, and I totally agree.


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